Epoxy Coatings Commercial Flooring in Gainesville

With so many different choices for floors, you may not even know where to start for your residential location or commercial business in Gainesville. Popular choices for flooring include polished concrete floors, polyurethane floors, and of course, epoxy coated floors in Gainesville. While all floors make great choices, epoxy coatings have a wide array of beneficial features.

Advantages for Epoxy Floors in Gainesville

There are multiple benefits to getting epoxy floors installed in your Gainesville home or commercial location. From chemical resistance and slip resistance to its beautiful appearance, epoxy floors prove to be desirable floors time and time again.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals, so when there are chemical spills, they are unlikely to be affected. This helps epoxy floors in Gainesville to last longer than other types of floors that are not chemically resistant.

No-Slip Resistance

There is also a no-slip resistance with epoxy coated floors. This means they can be great surfaces for healthcare and first responder settings where workers need to get moving quickly. Having a floor that is resistant to slips is beneficial because it cuts the risk of injury and work-related incidents down significantly, which can typically be more prone to occur in fast-paced settings.


These epoxy floors are exceptional when it comes to appearance too. With a glossy finish, these epoxy coatings look professional, distinct, and clean. Whether the flooring is for your commercial location or residence in Gainesville, your surface will look beautiful. Not only do they look great but these floors are also simple to clean. The smooth surface allows for them to be swept and mopped in a quick manner.

Choosing Sealwell Inc. As Your Floor Installation Company

Sealwell Inc. is proud to be the leading provider and service company for floor installation. With over 30 years worth of experience, the team at Sealwell Inc. is dedicated to performing efficient and careful work. We understand that the floor is placed on your surface will be the ground for your business or residential location in Gainesville, which is why we pay attention to each detail. At Sealwell Inc., we believe in hard work and producing desirable results. To get your free quote with Sealwell Inc., call 1-866-469-9489 today.