Epoxy Flooring Clearwater

Deciding on a type of flooring for your commercial location or residence in Clearwater can be tricky enough but when you have a number of questions regarding floors, you can easily feel unsure about your choice. That’s why it can be best to learn about why your choice of floor is a wise decision for your own specific circumstance. While there are multiple floor options in Clearwater, a great choice for flooring are epoxy coatings.

What Benefits Do Epoxy Coatings Provide?

Epoxy coated floors are an excellent flooring choice because these floors have a high resistance. When it comes to being slip-resistant, epoxy coatings are a favorable choice because of this trait. This makes epoxy coated floors great for commercial locations in Clearwater where there is constant traffic and urgency. The main reason of using epoxy coated floors is safety. Having a safe floor can be important for first responder facilities and a healthcare setting. That’s why, epoxy flooring is one of the most popular flooring. Epoxy coated floors are Clearwater highly slip-resistant. Also, these types of floors are chemical and abrasion resistant. This means that these floors are durable and unlikely to crack, which is desirable for just about any commercial business location in Clearwater.

What Is the Difference Between Epoxy Coatings and Polyurethane Floors?

While both great choices, polyurethane floors, and an epoxy floor coating do have some differences. Epoxy coatings are extremely resistant, even to UV lighting. However, these floors can be installed together for optimal protection, resistance, and durability. For high strength and resistance, a combination of polyurethane flooring and epoxy coatings in Clearwater can be a great decision.

Why Have Sealwell Inc Install Your Choice of Flooring

Understanding the features of the floor you have decided to move forward with for your residence or commercial location in Clearwater is only one part of the process. The next is knowing the right flooring installation company to contact for the project’s completion. The team of Sealwell Inc. is dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. We install your floor with precision and efficiency. For over 30 years, we have been installing floors throughout Florida. Get your free quote for flooring installation today by calling 1-866-469-9489.